We never recommend to do music education by teaching music exams. Instead, we focus on a comprehensive basic for music and performance. Especially at a beginning stage, it is very important to have a solid study, sometimes even seems slowly, a good habit method for practising and a wide range of knowledge of all kinds of music and repertoires and learn to feel and think. Only when students are at a specific stage, exams could bring some motivations as well.

Because of this, not only the students from Huihui keep being excellent, the students from our other teachers start to archive great results. Here we list the results from last three academy years for reference:

1. ABRSM Piano

Academy Year Candidates Distinction Merit Distinction Ratio
2016-2017 7 5 2 71%
2017-2018 18 11 7 61%
2018-2019 16 10 5 63%

2. ABRSM Theory Exam Grade 5

Academy Year Candidates Distinction Distinction Ratio
2016-2017 3 3 100%
2017-2018 12 9 75%
2018-2019 4 4 100%