Enhui Music insists on a comprehensive music education. While helping our students to learn instruments, we also focus on their feeling and understand of music. We hope every student could receive a high quality education and enjoy music for a life time. We design our courses carefully based on years of experience in music education and try hard to comprehensively and effectively bring all the teaching resources needed. Our recommendation helps students to make the most of our courses and the cross-learnings and receive a great learning experience and result.

Music Beginner
Type: Group Lesson;
Setting: 1 year course in 3 terms;
Student: Children above 4.5 years old without any music learning experience;
Description: “Music Beginner” is the first lesson of our children’s real music journey. The course is designed especially for the children of this age, to inspire them listen and feel music and learn the basic music knowledge at the same time. It helps them to establish a proper learning habit and basic music symbols, to open the door of music in their lives and to get fully ready for their instrumental learning.
Listen to Classical
Type: Group Lesson;
Setting: “Listen to Classical 1″(beginner) – 1 year course in 3 terms; “Listen to Classical 2″(with instrumental playing experience) – 1 year course in 3 term;
Student: “Listen to Classical 1″(beginner) suits beginner children from 4.5 to 6 years old; “Listen to Classical 2″(with instrumental playing experience) suits children from 6 to 9 years old with proper music learning experience;
Description: Listening to music is an important part in learning. Our customised contents use selected classical music as a starting point, take students into a world full of music, musician, stories, literature, science, history, geography, pop culture etc, helping them discover the world through music. And the passion of classical music would naturally influence their learning.
Aural and Rhythm Training
Type: Group Lesson;
Setting: The course is divided into 6 grades according to the difficulties. Students could learn termly based on their levels;
Student: “Aural and Rhythm Training”(beginner) suits children from 6-8 years old or having ABRSM practical grade 1-4; “Aural and Rhythm Training”(advanced) suits children above 8 years old or have ABRSM practical grade 5 and above;
Description: “Aural and Rhythm Training” focus on ear, sight-singing and rhythm training. It forms an important part of a proper music education. The course try to improve the reactions from eyes, ears and brain to notes and rhythm and build their musicianship. Through the improvements, students are expected to improve their reactions to sheet music, understanding to music and performance and confidence in music.
Music Theory
Type: Group Lesson;
Setting: The course is divided by the ABRSM exam grades into 5 terms, “Music Theory”(1) preparing for grade 1, “Music Theory”(2) for grade 2; “Music Theory”(3) for grade 3; “Music Theory”(4) for grade 4&5 and “Music Theory”(5) for grade 5;
Student: Students who have the needs to pass the ABRSM grade 5 theory exam;
Description: “Music Theory” is a separated course, completely different from practical learning. It covers theory, structure, harmony, instrumental etc. In the ABRSM system, grade 5 theory exam is a requirement for a higher level. The exam is considered harder than practical exam due to its wide coverage and complicity. To our young students, this is a huge challenge. We set up the course in order to help students pass the grade 5 theory exam at the end of the course and also improve their concentration and attitude in learning.
Type: Private Lesson;
Setting: Termly and On going;
Student: All;
Description: Our most welcomed “Piano” lesson brings learning together with interests and attitudes. We combine traditional piano learning with basic skills and musicianship and interests. We tailor different plans for each student according to their levels, personalities and current situation. Not only helping them experience the happy learning process but also achieve their full music potentials.
Mums' Lesson
Type: Group Lesson;
Setting: To be confirmed;
Student: Parents who wish to help their children learning music;

Private Piano Lesson

Starting from the term 2018 Autumn, we are very happy to welcome our new piano teachers to join us. This is could provide more opportunities and high-quality piano and music education to our students. Our teachers are all professional and experienced in teaching and with a high-level of performance.

All our piano lessons would follow the same idea, customising learning method and plans for each student. All the lessons would be managed together to ensure the quality. Besides, we would establish the effective communications with parents, so that parents could have a better idea on our lessons and their children and participate into the process to help their children discover the music potentials.

Hui is really grateful to everyone’s trust on us and love to our piano and group lessons. Although she could not give lesson to all the students, she would regularly check everyone’s process, exchange ideas with teachers, change plans for students and discuss any problem with parents. That would be hers and all of our teachers’ responsibilities to help our students learning music and growing up.

We would keep on going to ensure that we could bring more great teachers, great lessons and great communications to help every student.

How to choose our courses ?

Regarding to group lessons, we suggest all the beginners to take “Music Beginner” before starting any instrument learning. With basic music understanding and experience, students would have a well prepare for instruments performance learning. “Listen to Classical” is ready for beginners as well. Students would gain imagination and love to classical music on the lessons by listening to famous pieces, interesting stories and loads of attractive knowledge.

We recommend choose piano as first study at the beginning stage of learning for a instrument performance. Comparing with all other instruments, piano could make more effort to a steady and comprehensive music foundation. It would be a good idea no matter keeping studying piano in the future or starting other instruments easily and quickly.

When students start playing instruments, our “Aural and Rhythm Training” is ready to provide the musicianship training to them. This will bring them a great help and a good way of learning music right from the beginner stage. “Listen to Classical” keeps bringing classical music and fun into our studies and, step by step, combining ideas of music style, form and theory to get ready for the next stage.

To a mid level learner, good musicianship training plays a more important role during the learning process. “Aural and Rhythm Training” focus on these training to improve students’ experience and confidence, benefiting their playing and performing.

At this stage, we also recommend students who want to pass the music theory exam grade 5 from ABRSM to start “Music Theory” lesson, and leave enough time to prepare for this tough exam. Students are encouraged to keep on and take the final exam at the end of the course.

Entering the next level, students could start a second study if needed. Students could choose any new instrument interests them most this time. With a good musical learning and experience, it would be a good time to pick this new instrument and get a speedy progress.

We could also provide suggestions according to the actual needs of students. Each child is different. They all have their own advantages and potentials. We would try to find the most suitable way for each one and help them shining. If you need any advice, please contact us for the details.