“why so many students, they learned playing music at a younger age, but could not enjoy or even play any music when they grow up, no matter how advanced they were before?”

We started as a private piano teacher at home, more precisely, from the question above. As a previous professor teaching music in universities, Huihui sees this problem all the time. By some means, it actually tells the music education they received fails.

So right from the beginning, she wanted to teach and influence her students to enjoy with her love of music, but not just to teach a skill. She started grouped lessons as a part of the piano studying to help students understanding, focusing and having fun. Using music studying to observe their growing, exchanging ideas with parents, she is providing much more than a piano teacher. It is all about her professional, experience, responsibility and love. And she receives huge in return. Based on this success, she puts all her lessons, experience and thoughts together, designs a clear approach of learning music. She hopes her effort could benefit more children.

Including playing instruments, learning is never an easy way. But with our effort, we hope that they could learn the confidence to play music, the courage to face failures, not giving up and a focus mind. They don’t have to be musicians in the future but they would have music along their whole lives.